Halimah Adewunmi

(I am a supermom because (I love and care for my kids))

14622 votes

Mrs Ann Oghenerukevwe

(I am supermom with my superkids and I want the best for all of them.)

12067 votes

Lamin Ashiedu

(I want my kids to have the best of the best.)

9850 votes


(I am a supermom because my daughter give me joy)

6058 votes


(I am a super mom because I love my kids and they are priceless to me. )

4104 votes

Ifeoma Favour Esorougwe

(I love children )

3404 votes

Ejike ifunanya

(I am a super mom because my son is my greatest priority )

2498 votes

Bello Ayinke Oluwaseun

(I love my kids)

2254 votes


(I am supermom because am so proud of my son and so lovely to my son l can do anything to make my happy)

1892 votes

Onabanjo Omolara

(I am a super mom because my kids are so adorable and bright)

1543 votes